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A business administrator role involves performing duties related to the administration at the school district level. Specifically, the responsibilities include handling budget, purchasing, transportation, food services, and more. In brief, the role requires coordinating and managing the business affairs of the school district. 

The resume for a business administrator position needs to be impressive enough to influence hiring managers and motivate them to schedule an interview. Therefore, it needs to highlight the right business achievements clearly and concisely. 

If you are unsure about how to prepare your business administrator resume, here is a helpful sample resume for you to get started. The resume can also be changed to fit any business administration role. 

Business Administrator Resume Sample

Trained as a classroom assistant at (School Name) Elementary School. Supported lesson planning and gained experience in helping students with a wide range of activities. Created a nurturing environment conducive to student learning and growth. Helped students in reaching developmental milestones. 

Esther Howard, Business Administrator

6391 Elgin St. Celina, New York 10299 | (629) 555-0129 |


An elementary school administrator in search of a new challenge. Have been an expert financial advisor with a proven record of managing school budgets. Also, have demonstrated history of bolstering campus infrastructures.

Work Experience

Financial Director, Columbia High School

August 2007-June 2019

New York

Skills and Responsibilities



BA, Business Administration 
St. John’s University

Hope this sample resume for a business administrator position has been helpful. Here are some additional tips to create an impressive resume for a school administrative position. You may also find more helpful tips on interview preparation, cover letter, and resume writing in our resource section.

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