Resume Guide for New Teachers

New teachers often struggle while drafting their resumes. With limited experience, it can be difficult to determine what information to incorporate into a new teacher resume.  However, by providing detailed accounts of their educational backgrounds, as well as student-teaching experience, a new school teacher can effectively express how they will be successful in the classroom.

When listing your education and experience, do so in a way that represents and showcases who you are as an educator. Do not merely provide dates and a list of responsibilities when recounting your student-teaching experience. Rather, highlight specific successes you had when working with students. Also, be sure to highlight any acknowledgments you received from your lead teacher.

To make a strong first impression, incorporate the following features in your new teacher resume:

Tell a Story

When listing your past responsibilities as a student-teacher, avoid generic phrases such as ‘classroom management.’ Instead, present that responsibility in a way that offers greater detail of what it entailed: ‘maintained a disciplined and orderly classroom learning environment for the class of 30 elementary school students.’ Additionally, in your professional summary, use adjectives that express who you are as an educator. For example, words like ‘passionate,’ ‘patient,’ and ‘dedicated’ offer far more information about who you are than simply listing what you’ve done.

Quantify Your Achievements

Quantify as much as possible while writing about past accomplishments. For example, instead of stating that you have tutored students in a subject, offer a percentage of how many students have improved their grades and by how much. By offering a number, you are providing concrete evidence of your effectiveness as an educator.

Include Technological Skills

The importance of technology is growing in schools. There are currently many platforms available that make the learning process more effective. Knowledge of Blackboard, Google Classroom, and other such platforms will make you a more desirable candidate. You may also include your social media skills and efficiency in Microsoft Office.

Use Keywords

To make your resume relevant, it’s important to use terminology that grabs attention. Therefore, placing important keywords throughout the resume is essential. Refer to the job description when drafting your resume, as it provides the important phrases that you should use to show how you meet the school’s current needs.

Exhibit Professionalism

Your resume should reflect your attention to detail and professionalism. One of the most important steps to ensuring that your resume is professional is proofreading to make sure that there are no typos and formatting errors. Secondly, provide a plain personal email address that does not contain words that are racy or immature. This is important, as recruiters need to communicate with you via email, and an unprofessional email address gives the wrong impression. Finally, express personal interests that demonstrate your understanding of the school’s culture. 

Demonstrate Leadership

It is essential that you present yourself as an authoritative person who will be able to take command over a classroom. You need to show the hiring managers that you are capable of being a leader. Use words in your resume that communicate action and not passivity. For example, use verbs such as ‘managed’, ‘directed,’ and ‘implemented,’ as they highlight your authority even as a new teacher.

Job searches can be intimidating, but by incorporating these points into your new teacher resume and cover letter, you will generate more attention from hiring managers.

Now that you have more information on how to draft your resume. Please click here to view a resume sample for a new teacher.

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