Perfect Thank-You Follow up Email

You put a lot of effort into creating a good resume and cover letter, prepared well for the interview, and gave it your best shot. But is there anything else you can do to position yourself as a great candidate to help you get the role? There is one more thing. Send a thank-you follow-up email after the interview.

Sending a thank-you note is a small gesture of appreciation that does not take a lot of time, yet most people do not do it. Most candidates don’t realize the importance of sending a thank-you follow-up letter after an interview. It may separate you from the rest of the crowd and be the difference between getting hired or rejected.  

This is a chance to reaffirm your good impression of your potential employer. So, write a thank-you follow-up email after the interview, that makes an impact on the interviewer. Here, we discuss what to include in your thank you note, with a sample that may help you get started.

Why should you write a thank-you follow up email after interview?

A thank-you email is an opportunity to reiterate your strengths to the interviewer. It is a chance to remind them about you and influence their final decision. You can take this opportunity to convey once again your qualifications and interest in the position. 

A thank you note in less than 24 hours of the interview ensures that you connect with them quickly after the interview. This way you may be able to sway the decision in your favor well before the hiring process is complete.

What should a thank-you email include?

Your thank-you follow-up email after the interview should include a few standard elements. The following features will make the thank-you letter more effective:

  • Start with a personalized greeting, e.g. Hello (Name of the interviewer)
  • Thank the interviewer for their time
  • Express your interest in the job and explain how you will be a great match. Reaffirm that you have the capability to excel in the position
  • Make the follow up letter after interview more personal by adding an experience/detail from the interview. For example, a conversation that both of you enjoyed. 
  • Offer to answer any more questions that they may have
  • Tell them that you are eager to know about the next steps

Things to consider before you press ‘Send’

  • The subject line of the follow-up letter after the interview should be clear and convey the summary of the message. It should be a straightforward subject line like ‘It was great to meet you today’, or ‘Thank you for your time’.
  • Proofread the email carefully to make sure that there are no grammatical errors or typos
  • If interviews were taken by different interviewers, send a separate thank-you email to everyone. But personalize each of them according to the interviewer and the experience
  • Make sure your email is genuine and does not sound like it is from a template. Write it as you would directly speak to the person.

A thank-you follow-up email after the interview does not have to be lengthy but should highlight all the important points that you want to restate in the interviewer’s mind. Click here to view a sample thank-you email for you to expand upon. 

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