How to Write an Interview-Landing Resume for a Teaching Position

The importance of having a well-written teacher resume is highly underestimated. Employers sift through countless resumes for a single position, so they don’t dedicate a lot of time to each application. The resume writing needs to be professional so that it sells itself immediately. First impressions are important, so your job application needs to be as well thought out as a good lesson plan.

A powerful teaching resume showcases your qualities along with your success stories and core skills. You need to make sure that your resume is doing the job that it’s supposed to do, i.e. get interviews.

Questions to ask yourself before you start preparing the teacher resume:

With a broad spectrum of specialties in the teaching field, it can be a bit difficult to determine which information to include in your resume. Below are a few writing tips that will help you make your teacher resume stand out from the rest.

How to Write a Resume:

Include a section on core competencies or areas of expertise

This section is crucial, as it sets you apart from your competition. Focus on important teaching skills and how they correlate with the skills listed in the job description of the position to which you are applying. Among the most important skills for a teacher are classroom management, leadership, communication, lesson planning, etc.

Create a well-written work experience section

This section in your teacher resume lists your work experience, including all past employers and their locations, your job title, and the duration of employment. The names of employers should be bold and one font larger than the rest of the document so that they stand out. You may also list any other kind of paid or volunteer experience in this section.

Highlight how your strengths align with the job description

Analyze the responsibilities in the job profile closely and determine how the requirements correlate with your strengths. Mention it clearly in your teacher resume. Perhaps detail your successes communicating with parents and working towards meeting student learning outcomes. You may also describe your ability to identify each student’s unique way of learning and plan lessons accordingly.

Highlight your notable accomplishments

Your resume writing should showcase important achievements and career milestones. Among the many potential accomplishments in a teacher’s career are improving students’ performances, increasing graduation rates, and demonstrating support for at-risk students. Quantify these achievements so that they have a greater impact on your reader.

Hope this information helps you with how to write a resume for a teaching role. If you would like additional information to prepare your teacher resume, click here to view a sample. Find teacher jobs with OLASCreate an account, upload your resume, and search for jobs now!