How to Tailor How to Tailor Cover Letter to Specific SchoolnLetter to Specific School Jobs

An attention-grabbing cover letter is as important as your resume. However, even a well-written cover letter can fail to land you an interview if it doesn’t convey the school’s values and goals. Avoid reusing your application materials, and customize each cover letter to the specific position to which you are applying. Every school has different needs and priorities. So, a generic cover letter for a teaching position will likely not convince a recruiter that you are the right person for the job. Therefore, it is important to write a unique cover letter for every position and different school jobs you submit.

Just as you have unique skills and experience, each job posting has a unique list of requirements. So, you have to market yourself in a way that details what you can offer to address a specific school’s current needs. Information about your work history that you may consider irrelevant might actually be important to some prospective employers. Be mindful of the information you provide in the cover letter. Make sure that it is accurate and addresses the desired qualities listed in the job description.

Do Your Research

While preparing your cover letter outline, research the school’s culture, philosophy, and student demographics. Different school district jobs promote different values. For instance, one school might prioritize its rigorous curriculum. At the same time, another might try to foster a better sense of multi-culturalism through community outreach programs. Discuss in your cover letter how you would make a positive contribution to the school’s values.

Highlight your strengths that are most in sync with the school district job’s desired qualities. Find out what the school’s current needs are, and market yourself as someone who would be able to successfully address those needs. While it is important to demonstrate your expertise in your particular field, it is also important to show what you can contribute to the school outside the classroom.

Reflect the Job Description

Make sure your cover letter responds directly to the position. Review the job description thoroughly, and use its language in your cover letter. Relate your skills and experience to the school’s desired qualifications throughout your letter. For example, if school jobs indicate that they need a teacher willing to participate in extracurricular activities, discuss any past experience you might have conducting after school programs or leading student clubs and teams.

By responding directly to the job description, you are showing the hiring manager that you are an excellent fit for that particular role. When discussing your experience, also indicate how you would translate what you have learned so far. Furthermore, quantify your successes to support how your methods are effective.

Know Your Reader

Address your cover letter to the right leader in the school district. This may be the superintendent, assistant superintendent, hiring manager, or the head of HR. Again, read the job description to determine to whom you should be addressing your letter. Finally, indicate how you are looking forward to further discussing the job opportunity in person.

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