Online Job Interview

During these times of rapid change, employers have been transforming how they hire new employees. Development in communication technology has led to a trend of conducting interviews virtually. As a result, this trend of having online interview has broadened the applicant pool and encouraged many organizations to hire good talent from anywhere in the world. 

As virtual interviews are becoming somewhat of a new norm, the interview process is also changing. While the basic interview preparation strategies remain the same, online Interviews require additional planning to ensure that they go smoothly.

Read through the tips below so that you can learn how to succeed in this type of interview format.

Test the Technology

Familiarize yourself with software that is generally used for online interviews, such as Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts. If a prospective employer uses another platform, download the required software for your interview beforehand, and do a test run to make sure that the audio and video controls on your device are working. Ensure that your Internet connectivity is strong and that the call will not drop during the interview. 

Make sure that your device has a functioning camera, as it is of utmost importance that the interviewer sees you clearly. If possible, use a device that has a camera with more megapixels, as the quality difference in video conferencing depends on the device you use. 

If you are using a phone, make sure that you secure it to a fixed position, as nothing is more distracting in a videoconference than a shaky camera. Keep the camera face level and not below. 

Find an Appropriate Background

Be mindful of your background. It should be a quiet, well-lit room, preferably facing a blank wall or a bookshelf, and not a sloppy bed. Your background should be free of clutter so that it does not distract your interviewer. If you are sitting against a wall, keep some distance between the wall and yourself, and choose a good low-backed chair to sit on. 

Remove all distractions from your environment. Close all doors and windows, and shut off any source of noise. Inform other household members that you should not be disturbed, and ask them to refrain from making too much noise.

Use Your Surrounding Workspace

One major benefit of an online interview is that you can have ready access to any documents you might need and that you will have the opportunity to glance at them in the event that you forget any information.

You will be able to determine how much space you will need prior to your interview. Use this to your advantage by preparing notes for you to reference. Use any space available that is out of the camera’s view.

Common Interview Rules Still Apply

There are some standard rules that apply to both online and in-person interviews. Candidates should dress appropriately for any kind of interview. Though only your face and shoulders might appear on the screen, dress professionally from head to toe. This does not only make you look professional, it also helps improve your self-confidence, which will further enhance how you present yourself.

Approach online interviews just like you would an in-person interview. Research the organization, and its vision and goals, so that you are ready to discuss them during your interview.

Being punctual for an interview applies to both in-person and online interviews. Log-in early and be prepared with everything so that you can join the call on time. This is highly important for a successful online interview.

Practice how you are going to present yourself in the meeting by recording yourself. Memorize your introduction so that you can deliver it clearly. Studying your recordings will help you improve any weaknesses in your speaking skills, such as nervous tics, stammers, pauses, etc.

Keep Your Eyes on the Camera

The natural tendency during an online interview is to look at your interviewers as they appear on the screen. This should be avoided as much as possible since you will appear to be avoiding eye contact. Looking at the camera gives the impression that you are making eye contact with your interviewer, and, as we all know very well, this is an important thing to do during an interview. 

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