Effective Strategy for Rescheduling an Interview

Effective Strategy for Rescheduling Your Job Interview

So, you finally landed that interview for your dream job. The interview is scheduled to take place in a few days, and you feel that you are completely prepared for it. However, you suddenly come down with the flu and are in no condition to go. Or maybe you get called into a work commitment that you cannot postpone. Sometimes life happens, and the only way is rescheduling an interview for another date.

Though it may seem like rescheduling an interview can cost you a great opportunity, attending an interview under less-than-ideal circumstances can be more costly. If you’re sick, you will not be able to give your best performance. Likewise, your interviewer will sense it if you arrive at the interview with your mind elsewhere, worrying about a sick child or that work commitment you skipped out on.

Is It Okay to Reschedule an Interview?

Obviously, there may be some consequences to postponing an interview. Every interviewer is different, and some might be less understanding and feel that you are unprofessional or unreliable. Additionally, if the school is in a hurry to hire someone, you may not get a second chance at the interview. However, under difficult circumstances, rescheduling an interview is often the best option.

Tips for Rescheduling the Interview

1. Inform the prospective employer and plan to reschedule the interview in a timely manner

Whatever the situation may be, the first step is always to inform your prospective employer with as much notice as possible. Either call or send a formal email apologizing for the inconvenience and try to get a new date for the interview. Try to be as flexible as possible about the new time, as you are the one asking for the change.

Make sure to let the employer know that you are enthusiastic about the opportunity and are not taking this lightly. Be courteous and professional with the message, and try to communicate no later than a day in advance. This will allow the hiring manager to plan to dedicate the time to other responsibilities.

2. Provide a valid reason

Offer a reasonable explanation for rescheduling an interview time or date. Getting stuck in traffic and running late, is not a valid excuse. Anything that you can plan in advance is not a valid reason.

However, emergencies do happen, and most interviewers will understand if you provide a valid excuse. If you are sick and are avoiding contact with others out of courtesy, the hiring manager might appreciate the gesture. Furthermore, if you are a strong candidate, they will be more than willing to change the interview to another time.

3. Apologize and thank them for the opportunity

Apologize for any inconvenience caused by your rescheduling the interview. Thank the hiring manager for his or her time, and express your appreciation.

The letter should clearly state the interview date, time, and position to which you applied. Giving too many details is not necessary; just state the reason for missing the interview clearly and briefly, and express your regret. To close, request to hold the interview on another date. This may or may not be possible, but sending a letter will improve your chances of getting another opportunity.

After rescheduling an interview, use the time to prepare more thoroughly. Finally, make sure that you do make it to the rescheduled date, and don’t let this unexpected situation create a negative effect or impact your performance during the interview.

Hope you find these tips on how to reschedule an interview useful. For more information to help you prepare for your interview please click here.

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