Tips for Creating an Effective Demo Lesson Video

Congratulations! You have passed the first couple of rounds of interviews for a new teaching position. Now you must prepare for what is typically the last step in the interview process for teaching jobs: a teaching demo for job interview. Candidates are usually invited to the school’s campus to teach a short lesson to one the classes. However, there has been a recent trend of allowing applicants to submit a video recording of their demo lessons. If you are looking at creating a demo lesson video for your next interview, here we go through some tips on demo teaching ideas and how to create a successful lesson.

Whether you choose to record your demo lesson in front of a live class or empty classroom, you need to craft a lesson that highlights your ability to teach age-appropriate content. While this may sound intimidating, all it takes to be successful in creating a video demo is confidence and preparedness. To get started, familiarize yourself with a teaching demo sample. Consider the points below for some demo teaching ideas:

What Is a Demo Lesson?

A demo lesson is a learning session prepared for an interview committee. The demo helps the committee assess your teaching abilities. When asking candidates to prepare a virtual demo lesson, a school may offer a prompt for a specific topic or allow for a topic of an applicant’s own choosing. Regardless of the school’s guidelines, the lesson must be appropriate to the grade level and the subject. The time allotted for the lesson may also vary according to each school’s parameters, from 15 minutes to an hour. Whether or not you record your video in front of a live class, you must demonstrate your mastery of current teaching standards and trends, as the committee will likely use professional teaching standards to define its expectations. 

Below are some basic tips on how to do a demo online teaching lesson:

Keep Your Lesson Plan Handy

A clear and well-written demo lesson plan makes you look organized and efficient, and you can operate within the time constraints. It can also serve as a reference point if you lose your place while teaching. Go through a few demo teaching ideas before preparing a demo lesson of your own.

While a school might provide you with a topic, it will be your responsibility to write the lesson. Construct the lesson so that it is standard for that grade level and have a clear sense of what you expect the learning outcomes to be. Don’t try to do too much in a single lesson; instead, focus on one topic and keep the structure of the lesson simple.

Map out the course of the lesson properly so that you have a good flow and don’t lose focus while teaching. Write down all the activities and the direction that you need the students to take while participating in the lesson. While planning to assign an in-class task, write the instructions clearly beforehand. If not teaching a live class, make sure that hypothetical students can easily follow the lesson. And, while recording a live lesson, anticipate any questions students might have and account for them in your lesson plan.

Materials Preparation

Make sure all the materials you require for the lesson are arranged beforehand so that you don’t have to scramble for anything during the lesson. Handouts should be ready so that they can be easily distributed.

If you are working with interactive smart boards, plan for a scenario in which the technology fails, especially if you are recording a live lesson. For younger children especially, you need to make use of more pictures, objects, and colors to keep their attention and interest. Being prepared with materials helps you look well organized and professional. 

Demonstrate Good Classroom Management

Be sure to engage the class from the very beginning. A class that begins disruptively will put off any recruiter who is watching. Maintain a good pace, and keep the lesson focused and sharp. Practice and rehearse the content, as you need to appear confident during the demo. Handle the class without getting overwhelmed.

Again, preparedness will be key. Effective classroom management is dependent on the preparation of all the materials, the clarity of instructions to students, and the monitoring of students during the lesson. Interact with the students to evaluate their understanding of the lesson by asking them questions frequently. Rephrase that part of the lesson in a simpler way, where the students are confused.

The demo lesson video should highlight all your strengths as a teacher. It should be able to convince the hiring committee that you will be a positive addition to the school. At the end of the lesson, ask the interviewer for feedback. Asking for feedback shows that you are willing to accept advice, and their feedback will also help you learn to become a better teacher.

Hope this blog has given you a basic understanding of how to do a demo online teaching lesson. For more interview tips, visit our resources section.

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