Cover Letter Tips for New School Sports Coaches

Are you trying to begin a career as a school sports coach? And, are you unsure of what to include in your cover letter for coaching jobs? If yes, rest assured that you likely have plenty of valuable material to incorporate into your cover letter, regardless of whether or not you have formal experience as a coach. Remember, your cover letter should not merely restate information in your resume; rather, it should express to your potential employers why you are a good fit for the role, by offering details that are not immediately clear elsewhere in your application.

Sports coaches are highly valued, after all, they are responsible for instilling a sense of discipline and motivation in student-athletes. Moreover, students look up to their coaches as role models, and good coaches are aware of this. Popular coaching positions in schools include soccer coaching jobs and tennis coaching jobs.

When drafting your cover letter, it is important to show your understanding of a coach’s responsibilities both on and off the field. Below are a few pointers to help you write an effective cover letter for new sports coaching jobs.

Qualifications of a New Sports Coach

Most school sports coaches must hold a bachelor’s degree. Among the areas of study popular among coaches are sports science, nutrition, and physical education. Having participated in the sport(s) that you would like to coach may also work in your favor. Competitive candidates for coaching positions possess state teaching certifications, as well as CPR training.

Aside from formal qualifications, prospective employers often desire certain qualities in a sports coach, and these should be highlighted in your cover letter. Among the most desired attributes in a coach are strong communication and evaluation skills. You will also be expected to generate and maintain a high level of excitement, enthusiasm, and motivation in athletes.

Additional soft skills

In addition to education and certifications, other skills looked for in coaching jobs include:

To summarize, highlighting the above-mentioned skills can help convince schools that you are a perfect hire for the difficult task of training young athletes.

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