Cover Letter Example for New School Sports Coach

While applying for a new school sports coach position, it’s crucial that you present an impressive cover letter outline that highlights your skills and capabilities. If you are seeking an entry-level position as a coach, a cover letter will help you stand out from the crowd, and get that job interview.

A cover letter should be written according to the specific position being applied to. In this case for a new sports coach. Prepare your cover letter outline using the details from the job profile and matching it with your own abilities. But also ensure that your letter is unique and mentions specific details about your personality and achievements. Since such facts are not discussed in detail in the resume.

Here we present a  cover letter outline for a new sports coach, as a reference to create your own. The cover letter example includes suggestions on how to address a cover letter, how to end a cover letter, and who to address cover letter to.

Cover Letter Example

Jack Blair

6391 Elgin St. Celina, New York 10299 | (123) 456-7890 |

Ms. Jessica Gibson

Columbia High School
12345 Sycamore St.
Astoria, NY 12345

July 21st, 2020

Dear Ms. Gibson,

I am writing to express my interest in the Basketball Coach position as listed on Columbia High School’s website. Having the necessary skills and qualifications to help your school expand its sports programs, I believe that I will be a good match for this position. I would greatly appreciate your consideration, please find enclosed my resume for your review.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from the University of Notre Dame. Here I also played four seasons of basketball. While completing my undergraduate studies, I volunteered as an Assistant Coach for a local school’s junior varsity basketball team. As an Assistant Coach, I helped build the school’s JV team. Consequently, this team won two regional titles. I would welcome the opportunity to apply my experience, both as a player and a coach, to your school team.

I understand the profound psychological impact a coach can have on his students. Knowing how important it is to create the right learning environment for upcoming athletes to excel, I constantly strive to improve their performances and make sure they do not lose their motivation.

My enclosed resume contains details of my qualifications and training. If you feel that my skills meet your needs, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss them in greater detail. Thank you for your consideration.

Jack Blair

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