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Our Story

Welcome to OLAS

In 2001, the internet was still young and consisted of thousands of websites hyperlinked together, and tweeting was something only birds did. During this time, we had the idea of creating a job recruitment site for the 45 districts that were members of the PNW BOCES regional recruitment service. In those days, this idea seemed unconventional; our members were hesitant to move to the internet for their recruiting needs.

After OLAS was born the word of our success spread and schools/districts soon approached us to join. Our site grew as well as the number of schools and districts, creating a single place for job seekers to visit when looking for employment in K-12 education. As time continued to pass, many of the schools and districts that were initially hesitant to abandon paper based recruitment systems finally jumped on the web application system bandwagon. In 2017 and 2019 new legislation was introduced which allowed 853, 4201, and 4410 schools to participate. Today, we are proud to say that we are the largest recruitment site for individuals who want to make a difference through their work in a school/district in New York State or the surrounding areas.

“We pride ourselves in providing an exceptional customer experience for both applicant and school | district users”

Maria Biagini, OLAS Coordinator

About OLAS

The Online Application System for K-12 Education (OLAS) is a cloud-based job application system serving schools & districts throughout New York State and surrounding areas. Employers can view applicant specific information: resumes, cover letters, transcripts, portfolios, and more. Job Seekers are able to apply to specific positions using one application for multiple job openings. OLAS is committed to providing schools, districts, and job seekers with personalized and responsive customer service.

There will never be a cost to create a profile and apply for jobs

They will always be able to view and apply to available jobs in New York State and the surrounding areas

A saved application can be updated at any time and used to apply to multiple job openings