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LaSalle School

Teacher Assistant

Job ID:
Job Type:
Full Time (12 Month)
Application Deadline:
Start Date:
Job Description:

Qualifications - Required:
High School Diploma or Equivalent
NYS Teacher Assistant Certification Level I NYS Drivers License TCI, First Aid, CPR Certifications Experience with behaviorally challenged adolescent population Commitment to support agency mission and philosophy Qualifications - Desired:
NYS Teacher Assistant Certification Level III College Degree

Director of Education

Overview of Position:
TA will be assigned a role to assist with student achievement and successful engagement in all aspects of their Educational Program.  Support provided could be in the classroom, or in other areas of their school day program, as assigned.  TA interventions need to be consistent with the strategies identified in the student's IEP or behavior plan and support the goals of his treatment plan.  While primary instruction rests with the teacher, the TA will support student's ability to: participate in the learning process: demonstrate his acquisition of knowledge and skills: and display behaviors which foster success.  Since non-classroom issues may negatively impact a student's ability to learn, the TA may be assigned to provide support outside of the classroom or beyond the traditional school day.

General Responsibilities/Duties:
TA will fulfill the responsibilities of the daily assignment.
TA will be familiar with IEP's, behavior plan, and treatment goals of each assigned student.
TA will follow all guidelines and procedures in place.
TA will work closely with Educational Services Team, Day Services Team and Residential Services Teams to assure TA supports provided to the student are consistent with overall strategies in place.
TA will complete assigned documentation in a timely and professional manner.
TA will display behaviors which provide positive role modeling.
TA will attend all required training, meetings, and agency events.
TA will maintain NYS certification requirements, and continue to engage in professional development activities, to assure familiarity with best practices and effective strategies as a TA.

Necessary Job Skills:
Good organizational and communication skills Ability to work in a team environment Knowledge of effective strategies to support academic skill development and appropriate student behaviors Ability to interact with students in a way which supports his success by enhancing his motivation and effort. 

Ability to accept work direction and follow rules and guidelines Ability to provide supervision to students in individual, small, or large group settings